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We love your own beauty, your own ROOT
  • Believe in the power of nature
    The Secret of True Vitality
    Natural Daily Recovery Solution
    Roots base Skin Care
  • Aquamax Sunscreen
    #Stay moisturized all four seasons
    Full of moisture! A complete UV solution
    To keep your skin looking lively
    Optimized for makeup
    Red ginseng extracts
    Mild and suitable for sensitive skin!
  • Hydrating Essence Toner
    #Four Season Toner
    All-in-one Refreshing toner with high-density
    hydration ampoule Ultra Hydration
    Moisturizer Toner
  • Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion
    #Aqua Emulsion
    High enrichment& High Moisturization Emulsion
    Perfect hydration treatment for sensitive and vulnerable skin
  • Revitalizing Concentrate Essence
    #Time Slow Essence
    Highly condensed essence that improves the tone and texture of facial skin.
    Ginseng Berry extract brightens and nourishes your skin
  • Soothing Eye Cream
    #Full Moon Eye Cream
    Eye Cream with active ingredients that contains Kukui seed Oil as loved
    by Hawaiian natives for soothing skin troubles for babies, nourishes the skin and improves facial wrinkles.
  • Purifying Facial Cleanser
    #No Stress Cleansing Foam
    Elastic micro foam keeps the skin moisturized after facial cleansing Natural ingredients,
    Portulaca oleracea, Hinoki extracts, and gold provide soothing care for the skin and high-density foams thoroughly clean the pores with refreshing citrus scent.